Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Spirit of the living God

I’ve been practicing Ignatian Scripture meditation for some time now.  For those who don’t know what that is here is the basic principle:  You create a quiet, peaceful place.  You ease yourself into prayer.  You ask God to show you what he wants you to see.  You slowly read the scripture and then you assume a role/enter into the scene.  Don’t control it, just interact in the scene as you feel guided.  Let God move you in the scene, and when you are done talk to God about what you have felt, learned, and how it moved you.  Sounds like a pretty awesome practice, doesn’t it?  It is!  It brings the scripture to life in a way that makes it both personal and whole in your heart and mind.  I love it but I have a “problem”  it seems that I am ‘stuck’ on one particular passage.  So, stuck, in fact, I’ve not been able to change scriptures—for over a year.  It is an oft read scripture, but always overlooked.  It is important, but doesn’t impact people the way I think it should, and has me for this last year.  It absolutely connects everything with everything else.  Now, after a year, I want to share the VERY simple elegant truth I’ve discovered in this mediation way. 

Genesis 1:2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

After a year, solid of meditation on this, even as I wrote it, my hands trembled with-not exactly anxiety-more like something that has no word to describe the overwhelming nature of the impact.  That moment is vast and ancient, more than our human minds can comprehend and yet that isn’t even the key point of my sense of awe.  The key point is found in: AND THE SPIRIT OF GOD WAS HOVERING OVER THE WATERS.  Now, it took me literally months to get to that actual part of the scripture semi-comfortably as the first part, arriving in the moment of nebulous creation, so ancient and HUGE was hard enough.  Then, we get to the second part about the Spirit.  When I was finally able to get to that part there was a sense of awe while at the same time something completely unexpected.  There was a sense of connectivity.  Which, is what I want to share now. 

That same spirit that lingered over the waters of creation, in a moment so pure and still, now dwells with in you. 

Take a moment please.  Put the computer down.  Walk away.  Go to a silent place, close your eyes and just dwell in that for a moment. 

When you are able to come back here I want you to now consider this:

The Spirit that gave King David his gifts and anointed him as King-now dwells in you.

The Spirit that came upon Moses and then the group that helped Moses when he was overwhelmed with leading his people is now within you.

The Spirit that gave Elijah the gift of prophecy-now dwells in you.

And get this…

The Spirit that raised our Savior-Jesus the Messiah- from the dead- is now within you!

I could go on, but I hope you get the point or are inspired to look more instances up in the scripture, because it is important.  It is also important for us to embrace, not only because it allows us to know our God and Savior better, but because the next time you sit in Church offering the "peace be with you" that you look at the people around you in that light too.  The same Spirit that lingered over the waters of creation not only dwells within you, but those who claim Jesus as their Messiah.  We are one body of Christ, in the Unity of the Holy Spirit, forever, and ever…Amen. 

I may never be “unstuck” from that scripture in my meditation, and that is OK, it has granted me a sense of awe and the seed of understanding of God’s mighty presence in my life.  What my potential is, what our potential is, if we embrace that Spirit obediently. 

Here I am, Lord, Send me!
Lisa Lee Brandel, Kolbe Evangelization Commission Chair